I am a Human Factors and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher currently affiliated with Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands as a postdoctoral researcher. I have a background in Computer Science, and my research interests are in the fields of ubiquitous computing, multimodal interaction, natural user interfaces, and specifically, automotive user interfaces. 

My current research contributes to the domain of automated driving and traffic safety. In my Ph.D., I was involved in the i-CAVE project, and acted as a stakeholder of the InterACT project – looking specifically at highly- or fully-automated vehicles (self-driving cars) in the context of vehicle communication with external entities and other road users (read: how will self-driving cars ‘talk’ to pedestrians, bicyclists, and human-driven traffic in the absence of a human driver)?

I conduct empirical research and distil insights on human behavior and traffic interaction models to develop, test, and refine prototypes for interface systems. 

Apart from communication between automated vehicles with other road users, my research interests lie in the domain of trust in automation, take-over requests, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Safety, and Traffic Psychology. In general, I am passioante about Usability, User Experience (UX), Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), Cognitive Psychology, and User-Centered Design. 

Prior to my current research, I was a UX researcher, collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to investigate and create meaningful interactions to visualize and understand complex and ambiguous concepts. I conducted design-driven research to identify Human-Machine Interaction issues, conceptualize potential solutions, and subsequently validate their viability from a user-centered design standpoint. I received a PhD cum laude from the department of Industrial Design at TU/e in 2020. Prior to that, I earned a PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) in User-System Interaction from TU/e in 2017, and MS in Computer Science from Vanderbilt University in 2012.

Feel free to check out my research at Researchgate or Google Scholar.